Exercises for Learning Piano Arpeggios

I’m informed that professional bloggers may charge an average of approx. $1 per word ( I’ve seen a ranges between $.02 to $2.00 and $.05 to $5.00 ) so, because I’m already considered a professional in a few careers already, as an exercise I submit the following 50-word post valued at approximately $50. Blog posts can cost upwards of $500 to $1000, as a comparison. This means up to about 90% or more of the ” fluff ” was removed from this post.

 It was really difficult to write because I wanted to put much more. I am publishing it here “as is”: the rare $50 blog post.

Four easy rules:

Same fingering every time; thumb for white notes.
Wrists and elbows relaxed and flexible; use gentle “ocean wave” motions.
Learn one-octave major/minor arpeggios in every key, using metronome.
For multi-octave arpeggios, thumb crosses under.


Seventh chord
Harmonizing  (e.g. cm7  E♭maj7)
Contrary motion (outward from center)

See my post steps for learning fast piano songs to learn more about using a metronome to help you play faster.