Guardian Angels

Everyone has Three Guardian Angels

A Spiritual Guardian Angel for beliefs and higher aspirations

An Emotional Guardian Angel for joys and sorrows

A Physical Guardian Angel for health and wealth

Your Guardian Angels may have one, two, or three different names, depending on your birthday and time of birth. Do you know the name(s) of your Three Guardian Angels?

Guardian angel research will be done by a Registered Metaphysician (WMA), based on birth information provided. The name(s) of the Guardian Angels that match the birth info will be emailed to your PayPal email address.

No other information, except the name(s) of the Guardian Angel(s), will be sent. If you desire additional information, please read my blog post Nosce te Ipsum: Know Thyself.

Provide the birthdate, time of birth (including am or pm), and the first name of the person who is receiving the Guardian Angels’ names.

Guardian Angels names are provided for entertainment purposes. Please read full disclaimer above paypal buttons before purchasing.

Purchase through the paypal button at sidebar to the right.

Because there is no way to return an informational product, I do not provide refunds.

Reviews from real clients who received Guardian Angel Name(s)

Beautiful. I loved it!! Very magical!!!    AB

Thank you so much! Awesome!    DJ

Thank you, I feel so blessed to have that now.    RH

I am very pleased! Thank you.    SK