New Book! "p.s. Fortuna: Praises and Supplications For the Goddess"

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Fortuna was one of the most celebrated Goddesses of the vast Roman Empire. Her festival themes ...success, love, marriage, homecoming... continue to resonate in our times.

Inspired by Roman wisdom, created by the founder of Temple of Fortuna dot com, this book is a collection of praises and supplications for contemporary people, practitioners, and spiritualists.

Included are contemporary and ancient symbolism, a calendar with descriptions of the Goddess Fortuna's Roman holidays, and over 52 seasonal prayers.

'An Excellent Resource for Personal Practice...the collection of prayers to Fortuna, organized by season, each one for a different, specific purpose. There really is something for everyone, for almost every imaginable occasion or reason.' - Amazon review

'An excellent book! History, holidays, prayers, everything a true devotional book should be. Well worth the money.' - Amazon review

'I thoroughly enjoyed the book as the theme covers many of our concerns where blessing can give us the strength to live and enjoy our lives.' - Amazon review

'There is a lot of research reflected here, in simple language. The honoring of Fortuna in ancient Rome is well told.' - Amazon review

'I love all the prayers in it.' - Amazon review

p.s. Fortuna: Praises and Supplications For the Goddess is a condensed version of everything I've learned about the Goddess Fortuna over the last decade, as founder of Temple of Fortuna dot com, with more than 52 seasonal prayers I've written to go with Her holidays. Several pages, including those that mark the four seasons, are intentionally designed with extra space for notes, scrapbooking, drawing, coloring in, writing your own prayers or what have you. Make the book your own, or leave it as is!

This book is about an ancient Roman Goddess and a spiritual expression of written prayer. It is NOT a book of Wicca, nor is it a "spell" or "magical" book. It's a book of praises and supplications to the divine, so please don't expect any advice about magic.

If you're new to the idea of working with the divine feminine, or feel it's a bit odd to be petitioning an ancient Goddess, this sort of thing can also take time to adjust to. Insight and direction can also take time to acquire, in my experience, and only occasionally occurs in a period of days or weeks. Even then, focus and personal effort can be as powerful as faith. 

If you're accustomed to divine feminine prayer, and have any personal insights or suggestions, leaving your review at Amazon/Amazon UK might be very helpful to other readers. Honest reviews also help me to know what you might like to see in a "second" edition. For example, would you like some artwork, more rhymes, or a hardbound edition? 

About the Amazon UK Storyteller 2017 Contest:

A storyteller contest sponsored by Amazon UK in 2017 was the driving force that propelled me to put my writings into a book that could be purchased online at Amazon. I was very excited when my book was accepted as an entry in the international Amazon UK Storyteller 2017 contest. Approximately 3000 different writers from all over the world are competing in this exciting book-writing contest.

p.s. Fortuna: Praises and Supplications For the Goddess, as of the writing of this post, is being featured in the top 20% of all contest entries, and in the top 5% of all non-fiction entries.