Smart Flower; the Amazing Solar Thingy Everyone Wants to Know About

Some time ago I inquired about SmartFlower. Eventually the authorized dealer for West Coast USA contacted me, and answered some of my questions. This article includes the answers I received, and some other information given to me at the time.


As might be expected, SmartFlower is more expensive and more efficient than most residential rooftop solar systems. It's not exponentially more expensive, though. According to the West Coast dealer, if you think 20% to 30% more than the cost of a standard system you'll probably be in the ballpark. SmartFlower is also appropriate for commercial applications.

One thing SmartFlower needs is enough room to hang out and do its thing. SmartFlower is a large installation that moves with the sun, and that takes a fair chunk of exterior real estate. You'll need about 16' x 16' square of clear exterior space per SmartFlower; about the size of a large trampoline.

Like a standard residential rooftop solar system, SmartFlower is usually designed to tie into the "electrical grid" in cooperation with a local Electric Company. However; the system can be powered by a battery pack, and will produce about 15 kw per day per SmartFlower.

Smartflower is a pretty unique product; a packaged unit that isn't attached to a roof. But is it portable? According to the CEO of the West Coast dealership, SmartFlower is much more practical to move from one residence to another than a standard solar rooftop system.

As of April 2017, the SmartFlower dealer for the West Coast says they can get a project going with only $1000 deposit.

Information from the Brochure

The smart, simple & stunning solar system 

The next level of solar energy is the smartflower.  Beneath the elegant design is a remarkably intelligent system fully integrated with smart features that make smartflower up to 40% more efficient than rooftop solar.

The world’s most intelligent solar system

Simple. A fully integrated, all-in-one solar solution without the complex installation of traditional solar.

Independent. Self-cleaning and cooling features keep smartflower running at maximum efficiency.

Efficient. Smart tracking helps smartflower stay at the  optimal angle to the sun for 40% more efficiency.

Elegant. Unique and powerful features packaged in an awardwinning design.

Catch every last ray of sunlight.

The smart tracking system is the core brilliance of the smartflower. Every morning at sunrise, smartflower automatically unfolds itself. The dual-axis system allows smartflower’s modular fan to follow the sun across the sky throughout the day, always maintaining the optimal angle to the sun. This makes smartflower 40% more efficient and capable of producing 4,000-6,200 kWh/ year, depending on your location.

EV Compatible

Thanks to easy integration with external EV charging stations the smartflower can be used to charge electric vehicles. For organizations and companies, EV charging capacity is  your “green business card,” and is perfect for public spaces, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, small businesses, and more. 

Why Am I Writing this Blog Post?

The information in this blog post has been reviewed by, and is shared with the permission of the West Coast SmartFlower dealer, as paraphrased from a telephone conversations held with, and a brochure received via email attachment from the CEO and the Director of Sales and Installation of the West Coast SmartFlower dealer in April and May of 2017.

I don't necessarily recommend SmartFlower, because I haven't tried it myself. However, I feel it's a very cool technology, and feel it's definitely worth my time to write this blog post.