Nosce te Ipsum for Duchess of Sussex #HappyBirthday

Because the Duchess of Sussex and I were born within 33 miles of each other in the Los Angeles area of California and within 44 minutes of the same time in the morning, and also because it happens to be her birthday today, I would like to have a try at a bit of Nosce te Ipsum Research with her birthdate and birth time:

August 4th and time of birth 4:46 am

For more about Nosce te Ipsum Research Reports, and how you may order one for yourself, please see my blog post Nosce te Ipsum: Know Thyself.


HRH Duchess of Sussex's physical guardian angel is 27 Yerathel.

Her emotional guardian angel is 66 Manakel

Her spiritual guardian angel, according to my tables (online tables may be different) is 15 Hariel *interesting!*

Each of these guardian angels presides over a daemon, these daemons being

physical element: 27 Ronove

emotional element: 66 Cimeries (fun fact: perhaps a conflation of the Egyptian deity Khepera)

spiritual element: 15 Eligos

Each of these guardian angels and daemons have certain talents; things they are good at doing. I'll look into that I'm merely gathering information.

So, above all of these talented beings are the Archangels...the bosses who take care of business, keep things under control, manage the scene...the parent figures, so to speak. Each Archangel manages a company/family/choir/city/shire...whatever you wish to call it. A definable unit of governance.

So the physical element (27) is within the choir of the Dominations, which is managed by Archangel Zadkiel.

The emotional element (66) is within the choir of the Angels, which is managed by Gabriel (fun fact: Archangel of the west...HRH Duchess of Sussex is from the west coast USA, and Gabriel is one of the few Archangels who is actually recognized by contemporary Abrahamic religions)

The spiritual element (15) is within the choir of the Cherubim, which is managed by Raziel.

Of all these entities, only her emotional element is being highlighted with a "regular" Archangel. The rest of the crew are more of an elite, non-churchy sort of spiritual being.


Let's start with her physical daemon. Some people are absolutely fascinated with daemons, heaven knows why...27 resources state that he is a monstrously unattractive sort of guy who is educated in linguistics and art; a loyal sort who does his best to be friendly to everyone. Don't we all know someone like that? Who might this represent to HRH?

Daemons, we are told, have talents, and they are attracted to certain things. I have one (1) daemonic resource; Gallery of Magick's Gordon Winterfield has produced Demons of Magick ("DoM" to followers of "GoM"), which is the only offline daemonic text I reference at all.

According to DoM, Ronove is all about charisma and charm; allowing a person to receive and be trusted based on these personality traits. As a physical daemon, these personality traits come into play on the most basic levels of survival.

Guardian Angel

Now for the physical guardian angel...I have several resources for this, because I particularly appreciate angelic energies at this level. I also feel that many of the ancient deities correspond to energies that work at a level of personal guardianship. (The Roman Fortuna, for example, is one I've found myself personally bonded with, at an energetic level similar to Guardian Angels)

HRH's physical guardian angel 27 is Yerathel. There are various spellings of angelic names, and a quick search online will reveal this. The talents of Yerathel are writing, finding fame through writing and spreading knowledge through writing.

In another resource, we also may see Yerathel involved with sociology, philosophy and/or economics. Yerathel represents optimism and open-mindedness, as well self control in difficult situations.

A third resource (from Spain) provides some details about Yerathel:

Yerathel's angelic planet is Jupiter, and the symbol is the astrological symbol of the planet Jupiter (the one which looks a little like the number 4). The color is dark blue. The element is fire, astrological sign of Leo, whose color is yellow, with something written in Spanish, which is "google" translated as:

career, freedom from enemies, harmony between the divine and the human, progress in communion with others (communion is defined as the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially on a mental or spiritual level), order imposed on chaos, ability to forgive, success, luck in games.

I have at least one other resource for guardian angels which gives Yerethial's talents, as Yeret, being an understanding of vows, an ability to make changes and be released from vows, to increase abundance where growth has started and having a sense of personal innate life force.


And, finally, the presiding archangel over the physical: Archangel Zadkiel.

I have several archangel resources, which I have been exploring for a few months. Stewart Pearce has a particularly lovely book which gives Pagan correspondences for Archangels; his theory is that the Pagan deities were actually an Atlantic priesthood for energies which are termed "angelic" in contemporary theological systems.

Therefor, Zadkiel would be conflated with the Atlantic priestess known as Ceres in the Roman system and Isis in the Egyptian system; a very iconic harvest Goddess. Stewart suggests that stones in a turquoise color, for example larimar, may represent Zadkiel. Other gemstones, which may hold a connection to Zadkiel, are suggested as amethyst, clear quartz, diamond, aquamarine, moonstone, opal, tanzanite, topaz (I imagine this would be blue topaz), lapiz lazuli and emerald, which represent Her spiritual ideals.

After the fall of Atlantis, according to Stewart, Zadkiel relocated to the north Mediterranean islands, which may be considered Her present area of influence or power base, and Her physical realm is within the 10th chakra of the cosmic heart, which is located between the heart and throat chakras.

Zadkiel is classified as a divine COMFORTER by Stewart, who describes Her as a merciful and compassionate nurturer, and the scent of sage incense or use of sage smudging may be appropriate to invite Her energies into a space.

Another resource lists several ways in which Zadkiel is powerful, adept or talented, and I also have a third resource I have not yet explored (so will not include; however it has even more info):

Talented healer of painful memories from the past, also healer of illness and/or exhaustion, strongly understands the realities of the present, able move from the present into the future to bring prosperity to specific ventures.


I feel this research appears to represent a surprisingly accurate analysis of what we see in the public image of HRH Duchess of Sussex!

Her public image clearly shows her as extremely being an charismatic woman who is charming enough to get her way, regardless of what her inner motivations may or may not be.

She first achieved fame through writing a letter, after which a major corporation chose to change their advertising strategy.

She has chosen a role of comforter in Prince Harry's life; to overcome his past sadness regarding his mother.

I had not done this research before, for HRH, yet it's quite a bit easier than calculating the angles, trines, squares, oppositions, planets and so forth of astrological research...and it appears to be pretty much on the least in this instance.

This same type of Nosce Te Ipsum research, which obviously requires some time and care to perform, may be reported at an emotional and spiritual level...which I am not doing for this exercise, as it has less to do with public image, and I actually have other things to do today.

I sense this type of research is of great value...for a new mother...or actually for anybody who knows the birth date and birth time of any person of interest.

Looking into important dates may be equally valuable: national holidays, for example, or something more personal like the date of a job interview, a wedding or wedding anniversary, or selecting an auspicious date for a rite of passage like renewal of vows.


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