Reiki box Decorations!

The crystals you see in the picture have been with the box for several months, and I just noticed I hadn't posted a picture yet. The pyramid on top is golden rutilated quartz (also called "hair quartz") . The pyramid with points at the front has the traditional reiki symbols.

The leaves and coins are new additions, which will be put inside the box after the leaves have dried off from the rain. We're still getting rain, although it's very late in the season (springtime in my hemisphere).

Four older coins were smudged with palo santo, and they will go inside the box after the leaves have dried off a little. Older coins were selected, rather than shiny coins, to represent earned income, and financial stability over a long-term.

The ivy was selected because it's evergreen, strong, and has the ability to "hang on" to things. Ivy is a well known plant, and some believe it has metaphysical properties.