November and Everything After

The following post is about Temple of Fortuna dot com, a tax-exempt organization I founded in 2009, and some alternatives for if and when the tax-exempt corporate structure is dissolved.

As mentioned in previous posts, i have attempted to find another tax-exempt religious organization which supports the type of work I have envisioned for Temple of Fortuna dot com, and none have been found.

It's not that there aren't valid tax-exempt organizations which honor various aspects of Paganism and Goddess path; there are many which do, and which do so with greater finesse perhaps than I.

Upon pondering this dilemma, it occurred to me that my greatest inspirations were secular, not religious. And, with this knowledge, I embark upon my personal journey to discover what inspired me on a personal level, and what I believe in.

I believe in knowledge.

I believe in traditional libraries, full of traditional and classic books, written, designed and funded by traditional writers, architects and financiers, that were first created, designed and built 100 or more years ago, and whose authors, designers and financiers have, long ago, travelled past the veil into spirit.

I believe in what I believe, what comes to me through the imagination, through research, through that spark of intelligence from the spirit world which speaks in various ways, perhaps through traditional ways, and perhaps through the electronic medium of online communication. The "chance" finding of that essential piece of the puzzle, within the overwhelm of information overload.

I believe in corporate structures, and boards of directors who behave like professionals, and like aspiring professionals, who are driven by honesty, integrity and belief.

I do not necessarily believe in organized religion as it has developed in many instances; the egos that come with religious titles, hierarchies which marginalize people who mispronounce occult words, nor those which promote the common person as being more noble than the educated.

I do not believe in waiting around for people to show up to board meetings, and finding an empty space or void instead.

There are many things I do not believe in, which have transpired over the past decade or so of having a tax-exempt organization attached to a religious corporation.

However, there are things I believe in. And there are tax-exempt organizations which represent and support my beliefs.

So, instead of giving a referral to another tax-exempt religious organization upon the very likely dissolution of the Temple of Fortuna dot com corporate structure, may I suggest seeking a secular solution that is believable and inspirational to each person based on her or his individual belief system.

It may be a library.

It may be an online resource.

It may be a certain place which has meaning to you.

It may be a story or a picture in a book.

It may be an historic spirit, known or unknown, who continues to inspire you.

There may be a tax-exempt, secular organization which supports your beliefs. And it is to this type of secular, yet tax-exempt, type of corporation I suggest referring, rather than to a church or temple.

It has been said, many times and in many ways by prophets and wise people in the past, the non-believers are the first to preach in public and gain attention, while the believers are silent in their approach.

So shall it be with Temple of Fortuna dot com.

This group will stay open.

The website will, very likely, stay up.

It is, merely, the attached tax-exempt religious organization that may dissolve.