October November Song Lyrics, First Lyrics 7-7-7 July 7 2023

October November Song Lyrics, First Lyrics 7-7-7 July 7 2023
October November Song Lyrics, First Lyrics 7-7-7 July 7 2023


If the soul stays with the body for three days after the technical/scientific passing, and then roams the earth for 10 days

(perhaps 7 additional days to the original 3, resulting in a total of 10, is my opinion. perhaps less likely that it's 10 plus 3 although that may be a possibility; this information gleaned from reading books by Raven Grimassi, not sure exactly which volume illumed this theory),


We know our feelings, what we experience, on this side of the veil in the world of the living. Songs have been written about this, often maybe country or folk style songs about how we feel when someone we are close to passes. I'm sure everyone can think of a song of this type that is written. "Leader of the Band" by Dan Fogelberg comes to mind and, given that Dan passed before his elder years, I wonder if that was a lucky song for Dan to write? He immortalized two people within it. It's a great song, for those of use who care to listen


What about the feelings of the soul that passed? Let's say Raven Grimassi happened to get it right with the number of days and that, by the next full moon ... or, perhaps by the end of the next complete full-moon to full-moon cycle the soul had already reincarnated, then how do the soul and spirit know or remember or communicate?

If the spirit needs to wait until the Hallows season to fully "realize" it has passed, or perhaps mature to the point it may reconnect and give messages to those of us on this side of the veil, what does the soul experience in the interim? And does it split off into two realities? One that is a reincarnation, perhaps a newborn or perhaps someone who receives the incarnation despite already having been born, and the other that is pure spirit.

When does the spirit remember? What does the spirit remember? How does the spirit feel about the transition? How does this transition seem, from the soul's experience? Is it clear or hazy? Does it come in bits and pieces or are there complete scenes remembered? I don't know of songs that sing of this soul's experience. So I'm waiting to see if I receive more lyrics about this.