Architectural Design Consultations

Architectural detail sketch animation based on "The Builder's Director" by Batty Langley, Architect

Concepts Development

If you have some ideas for your home or building, and you are not ready to hire a large architectural company, I am currently providing design consultations for clients. The projects may be any size, and I am also available for mini-projects like helping to choose appropriate colors or providing alternative ideas if you are already designing a project and get creative blockage.

Although I am not providing construction drawings at this time; however, after we work on your design together for awhile we may find an architect in your region who will enjoy providing your construction drawings for a similar design that you will like.

Licensed, Registered Architect
University Graduate

Architectural & Improvements Design

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Washington State Department of Licensing (12122) not licensed as a State of Washington architecture business.
California Architects Board (22740)

Design consultations are for information only. My services do not include construction documents and project designs are not for construction unless stamped and signed by a licensed architect in your region. I am not responsible for any real life actions and decision-making of my clients. Because a design consultation is an informational service which cannot be returned, no refunds may be given after services are provided. Clients must be 18 years of age or older.